Shooting with Roses & Clementines


I have a different kind of post today, I thought it would be amazing to share a few days of my life outside the blogging world. Some of you might know that i run Roses & Clementines (with a very small team) and last week we set out to create beautiful images for the SS15 lookbook. The theme was very girly, pastel 50's kitsch; cute, frilly bubblegum girls, with cutesy props and poses with candy. The pink retro phone has to be my favourite item. It looked so amazing in the shots, the perfect accessory for the pin up shots (Thank you so much Flamingo Gifts!) The styling was done by myself, with a huge huge help from Missguided & Dahlia Fashion, i must say thank you for letting us borrow some samples, we wouldn't have made these dreamy images if it wasn't for you guys!  

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I have to share some of the studio shots with you, i just couldn't wait. They have turned out so booming beautiful! 

Studio shots -
Photographer - Amy Hanna at Dot Photography
Editing - Rachael Dobbins
MUA - Ashley Wallace
Models - Constance Smith & Ruby Mcghee

Headwear - Roses & Clementines

Clothing - Dahlia Fashion, Missguided & FwithC
Princess phone - Flamingo Gifts

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  1. what an amazing lookbook! love every photo <3

  2. Thanks for your sharing, love it very much!


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