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Dress - c/o hearts & bows // Jacket - All Saints (similar here) // Boho Bag - EBay // knee high boots - c/o Ark // Hippy pendant - c/o Ark

Even though it's freezing - snow is falling, purple fingers, can't feel your feet - cold I still thought it was a good idea to show you all my new favourite dress. I always love Arks brand Hearts & Bows line. It's fashion forward, appeals to so many different styles and taste but it's always reasonably priced and good quality stuff. I can't lie, I get very excited when I see the three bold red letters on the parcel bag.  It's a little bit difficult in the winter to be able to show off all your outfits detail and sometimes a jacket hides the best detail, the bell bottoms sleeve! Such a dreamy boho dress that I'm going to enjoy wearing all year round. The crochet lace trim is such a perfect touch especially as straps and with cut out shoulders, it's very pheasant like. I wanted to keep the 70s gypsy feel so I styled it with black knee high boots, a fedora (or course) and a traditional Native American natural bag which - I might add - I got off eBay for like £7 and it's vintage!
I have to state that; on some of the images, it's not a filter or over edited colour on my skin, that is infact purple legs and fingers from the baltic weather (haha!) 
note to self: tights are ok, they don't always spoil an outfit Rachael; especially an outfit with black knee highs. 



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  2. So beautiful, this is such a lovely outfit Rachael x

  3. Such a cute look ! I love the dress and hat !


  4. love that hat!

    xx nikki

  5. this is such a cool look. i'm in love with all of the pieces, and you look stunning!!


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