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Crop top - PLT / / Maxi skirt - PLT / / Biker boots - ℅ USC Fashion / / Aztec waistcoat - PLT / / Rolled grocery bag - Zara (old)

My resolution this year was to blog a lot more - considering is the 15th - it't not going to well. Procrastination station! I have all these excuses i will use - to get out of my system - and then i can not reuse them. 

For a start i do not have endless amounts of coats and jackets; warm jackets, winter coats, you know snuggly pieces. What normal person does?  In a magical moneyless world i would love to own every coat/jacket i fall in love with as i do have a real outwear problem. Not every coat goes with every outfit i put together, i have to admit it gets difficult and expensive; especially (for a blogger) since you need to look new, different and exciting every time.

Problem two: Even if i had lots of coats and jackets, how boring would that look? 'Oh there's another buttoned up coat and scarf look; which pretty much should just be shot in the dark (the winter sucks.) How am i supposed to show off my beautiful top - that I've just been gifted - if it's covered up. 

I've just moved to the coast, i seriously wasn't prepared for the elements here. It is absolutely freezing and with the gale force winds blowing around the north east, it's some what difficult to get a shot without looking like Cousin It. Wearing a sleeping bag or some form of tent, would be more appropriate. 

And last but not least - this is probably the worst excuse ever! - I am a night owl. I really can't switch off at a normal hour and going to bed before 12AM is such a task. With the sun setting before 4pm, it's hard to get up and be ready to shoot for the morning sun; as well as fit in my other projects in around my day. But this is all going to change, I have my outfits planned on my rail, in order might i add; some with coats and some with layered kimonos. I will probably catch pneumonia by the time spring comes, but at least i've kept my readers intrigued. 

Yes i know i'm wearing a crop top in my latest look; looking out the window it didn't look that cold, so i thought today i'm definitely going to wear some of my PLT Naughty purchases. I loved the way the long knitted aztec cardigan was styled on their website; with the long floaty, girly maxi skirt and long sleeve crop top. A boho dream. I decided to toughen the skirt up with boyish biker boots. It still looks feminine till i moved and skirt splits revealed the boots. This is probably the only time the wind has ever been in my favour - i love the boot shots - a dreamy wind swept moment. 

Note: it started snowing straight after these photos, someone up there didn't approve of the no coat protest. Like i said on twitter "...i'm staying true to the Geordie girl (no coat) myth".



  1. This outfit is absolutely spectacular Rachael, so gorgeous! Such an amazing look x

  2. Lovely!

    Katie |

  3. I love the look so much ! Gorgeous pictures too !

    Giveaway, win a pair of Polette glasses !

  4. that aztec print is gorgeous! and girl, i feel ya. blogging in the winter just plain sucks. cold + dark = terrible photos!

    xx nikki

  5. Love your style!

  6. I totally get what you're saying... I'm all too ready for spring myself!
    I really like this look though, you combined it so beautifully <3




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