Saturday, 12 April 2014

Candy Coloured

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Jeans - ℅ Wildfox Couture / / Top - Topshop / / Sunglasses - ℅ ZeroUV / / Cardigan - ℅ Romwe / / Chunky heel wedges - Ebay / / Floral Garland - DIY (instructions via Pinterest)

I've been dying to do a look with these amazing tie dye effect jeans! I mean whats not to like? Candy coloured, girly, skinny and perfect for styling with SS14 trends. There's no secret that i love pink, i try to stay away from buying every item of clothing in shades of, but since Wildfox Couture were so kind to send me these joyful things; the pink ban is obsolete. The are, by far, the most amazing jeans i've ever owned, a beautiful velvet like touch and a dream to style. They went with almost every top, jumper and jacket i own. Today i paired it up with a soft pink floaty top. I absolutely love the the dropped back and the long flowing shape of it, perfect for the windy shots! As always, ZeroUV shades adds such a fun, girly feel. Such a shame my background is an english seaside and not the beautiful tropical California beach.


  1. that flower crown is gorgeous!! love it!


  2. Just stunning Rachael! x

  3. Love the shoes !

  4. beautiful photos and love this hairband and sweater ♥

  5. Super cool pics
    Very great outfit and nice photos

  6. Lovely colors for spring and summer.
    Love your top.


  7. Lovely blouse :) M&MFASHIONBITES

  8. I love those pictures! You look amazing... All these candy shades are so nice <33
    I'm your new follower xx

  9. The English beach still does you justice!

    These jeans are ace - lucky you for getting them sent. I love the colours on them.

    Hmm maybe...