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Mint socks - Topshop // Blue socks - Topshop // Lemon socks - Topshop // Lilac socks - Topshop // Pink socks - Topshop // Pink sleeveless shirt - New Look // Lace coat - Topshop // Chunky boots - Karamloop // Pale pink and nude dress - Lavish Alice // Mint green cami - River Island // Sequin skirt - River Island // Pastel bra - Topshop // Feather collar - River Island // Hologram oxfords - Nasty gal // Heart hairband - Asos // Faux fur blazer - River Island // Gingham socks - Topshop // Duck egg socks - Topshop // Pink lace up boots - Topshop // Snake satchel - Topshop // Check boyfriend coat - New Look // Scrunchies - Asos // Lemon Skirt - Jill Sander // Mint green collared dress - Ark // Blue scallop top - Topshop // Cream mini skirt - River Island // Mint platforms - AX Paris // Pink collared dress - Pretty little thing // Pink sandals - Chloé // Pink knitted jumper - Topshop // Sunglasses - Roses & Clementines // Pink rose crown headband // Roses & Clementines // Lipsticks - Lime Crime

With my obsession for pastel only growing bigger especially with this season, it's only going to get bigger for the summer. I absolutely love the fact that mint green and pale pink have been the leading colours for the winter, instead of blacks and a dull colour pallet. There's a few pieces; in this layout, that need to be in my wardrobe: 
The hologram oxfords - i mean wow, the lace coat is so me - i'd love to style a cream fur gilet over this. The pink Topshop lace ups - being a huge girly girl and i can't forget the pink puffed heart headband!!


  1. Replies
    1. i know! one of the most extreme I've seen

  2. Love that pastel selection ! So cute !

  3. Hello from Spain: I like pastel colors. Great Proposals .. Keep in touch

  4. that pink collared dress is my favorite!


  5. It's interesting that although pastels are still considered a 'trend' when you go back and look at the key looks over the last few spring summers pastels have always made an appearance. They've almost become a summer staple along with the likes of florals and nautical themed pieces.

    1. yes, pastels is a necessary for the summer but what is so strange is that they were popular for autumn winter too! Thanks for stopping by

  6. I'm actually in love with pastels I can't wait to get some of these lovely items! So pretty :) Love spring!

    F x

  7. Pastel overload-- I love it!! Spring could not come sooner... I'm so sick of the constant snow storms and rain here in New York! I am praying for warmer weather sooner rather than later, so I can wear my pastels!

    Xo, Hannah

    1. oh god, i feel for you. we havent had any snow here this year, lucky us!
      thank you for stopping by


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