Sunday Favourites

3 Tier Jewellery Stand - UrbanOutfitters
Since i've been packing all my life up these past few weeks, i've been looking for little nick nacks that will go with my new bedroom. My jewellery has no organisation so this 3 tier 'cake like' stand is perfect.

Tapestry iPhone Case - Free People
Oh My, the hippy in me is in love with the idea of textiles on your phone cover! Pretty nifty for £20.

Pink Boots - The White Pepper
I've had my eye on these for a while, i'm not sure i can pull of baby pink booties anymore. I've seen a really similar, if not, the same style on Aliexpress, in white and black but only PU. I think maybe styled with a black dress but for £90 there's a lot to be unsure about.

Cameo Hat - Asos
I love a twist on a classic. Cameo is so amazing, i've got quite a few pieces of jewellery with it on but not anything as rad as is.

Velvet Free People Dress - Asos
Free people is one of my favourite brands, i don't have a lot of pieces as they are quite expensive. I love the pattern on this velvet dress, so cool for the winter.

Embroidered Jacket - Asos
I'm a sucker for an embroidered jacket especially since it's black, white and red. Pretty cheap for my taste £42 in the sale.

Lomography La Sardina Metal Edition, Belle Starr - Achica
I've hinted on for this bad boy for a few days now and it's fair to say that ship has sailed. It's such a cool little thing to have and reading the reviews, it takes pretty good photos too.

Stag Head Jewellery Stand - UrbanOutfitters
Another quirky jewellery solution, such a great idea for the wall and my precious necklaces. 

Lace Ankle Socks - Asos
I always get bored of black socks, plain tights, so its fair to say i got excited when i seen theses, they would look great with ankle boots and are only £4.

Vagabond black boots - Asos
I need a pair of these boots! I've been lusting over the stella McCartney ones here and have noticed The White Pepper do a fab copy of them. I do need a 'practical' boot for the winter.

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