Persunmall Wishlist

                  P e r s u m a l l                  

O u t f i t  1

O u t f i t  2

O u t f i t  3

O u t f i t  4

Ive stumbled across an amazing store with affordable fashion,
I've puled together some of my favourite items together,there is so much to
choose from i was like a child in a candy store. Ive gone for a vintage feel
with every look with the scallop shorts and sailor like shirt in outfit 1,
Lots of polka dots and a kitsch bag in outfit 2, reserved lace and pointy
flats in outfit 3 and a floral playsuit, cute dolly shoes and a vintage book
clutch for outfit 4. I love the first outfit, it's definitely my first purchase.

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  1. Love the second set! I love persunmall too. :)

    I am Jenniya

  2. Love these! Outfit 2 is my favourite ❤


  3. The outfits are great ! I can't even tell which one I love the most !

  4. outfit 1 is my fave!!! love.... ♥♥♥

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. The outfits vintage and lovely!! We love to use this type of style as well which you will love!!

    xx, The Golden Girls


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