Sunday, 20 April 2014

Flowers & Rainbows

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Turban - ASOS / / Dress - ℅ Oasap / / Sunglasses - ℅ ZeroUV / / Lace socks - ℅ Missguided / / White heels - Ebay / / Rolled bag - Zara / / Tassel necklace - Topshop / / 

I love the print of this dress, for me its very flattering with the high waist, cap sleeves and floaty feel. I'm always a tad bit wary about ordering dresses from online chinese stores, as when they arrive they look more like a smock or a camisole; but this is a cute length, especially for the summer. My best tip when it comes to ordering on Oasap, Romwe or chicwish is order a bigger size than you normally wear, as asian sizes are totally different to the UK. For example i'm normally a S/M in the UK and i have to order a L - XL on these sites. I would class the quality the same as Primark; one of their higher end dresses, a good sturdy fabric and it keeps its shape.

I'm rocking a fashion turban; which was only £7 in ASOS sale, it's a great accessory to have for the summer and adds something special to an outfit. For me a turban is a better option than a cap, i have more outfits for it to go with and i always need to cover my head in those hot days. It will definitely be making its way into my holiday suitcase. Just imagine how amazing it will look with a cut out swim suit, bangles and oversized shades!

Saturday, 12 April 2014

Candy Coloured

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Jeans - ℅ Wildfox Couture / / Top - Topshop / / Sunglasses - ℅ ZeroUV / / Cardigan - ℅ Romwe / / Chunky heel wedges - Ebay / / Floral Garland - DIY (instructions via Pinterest)

I've been dying to do a look with these amazing tie dye effect jeans! I mean whats not to like? Candy coloured, girly, skinny and perfect for styling with SS14 trends. There's no secret that i love pink, i try to stay away from buying every item of clothing in shades of, but since Wildfox Couture were so kind to send me these joyful things; the pink ban is obsolete. The are, by far, the most amazing jeans i've ever owned, a beautiful velvet like touch and a dream to style. They went with almost every top, jumper and jacket i own. Today i paired it up with a soft pink floaty top. I absolutely love the the dropped back and the long flowing shape of it, perfect for the windy shots! As always, ZeroUV shades adds such a fun, girly feel. Such a shame my background is an english seaside and not the beautiful tropical California beach.

Friday, 11 April 2014


1IMG_2960 1IMG_2934 1IMG_2954 1IMG_2952 1IMG_2975 1IMG_2949 1IMG_2979 1IMG_2961

Pearl sunglasses - c/o ZeroUV / / Paisley bow shirt - c/o Hawes and Curtis / / High waist jeans - Topshop / / Feather jacket - ASOS / / White chunky heels - Aliexpress / / Earrings - c/o Freena

Channelling my inner 60's chick with psychedelic esque silk shirt and retro looking shades. I'm not normally a one for shirts but i just love the bow tie on this. I went for a subtle small bow with a statement feather jacket and black skinny jeans, I kinda wish i had some flare trousers to finish the look off. I love the thicker cuff and double button on the shirt, its a lovely silhouette with the cropped sleeve jacket. After seeing this look, i am definitely partial to adding more shirts into my wardrobe, especially a pussy bow shirt. There is some chic shirts to choose from on Hawes and Curtis, beautiful vivid colours for the colder Spring days. Some of my favourites; Turquoise & pink ditsy print, Light pink with floral collar trim, Navy pussy bow and Blush pink pussy bow

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Monday, 31 March 2014

English Rose

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Dress - c/o Misspap / / Sunglasses - c/o ZeroUV / / Fedora - Oasap / / Jeffrey Campbell Boots - Office / / Devore Tassel dress (worn open) - American Gold / / Faux fur Gilet - Pretty Little Thing / / Statement Necklace - Muse

Staying true to my blog name... I'm wearing a fun bright pink floral cami dress. It's such a cute shape especially with the criss cross back. I decided to layer it with an open devore dress with a tassel trim and faux fur gilet because lets face it, i live in the North East of England and it isn't exactly summer. The oversized sunglasses with ombre lens adds a touch of grunge especially with the dark cherry lip (and my very pale skin!)

Saturday, 22 March 2014

French Boudoir

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Rose crown - Roses & Clementines / / Beaded jacket - River Island / / Pink dress - c/o Missguided / / Socks - Primark / / Shoes - Aliexpress / / Midi rings - Aliexpress / / Butterfly ring - Swarovski

I'm very girly and always been a fan of pink... shock. My bedroom at my mums has always been pink; overwhelming pink, like a fairy has vomited glitter and sparkles everywhere. I really thought i would grow up out of that Princess castle bedroom stage but it stayed like that will i moved out at 24 haha! Now living with my boyfriend, i make a conscious effort to not buy pink home wear. In an ideal world i would have a pink house; pastel kitchen, pink polka dot bathroom and a french 'shabby chic' style lounge but lets face it, i live with a guy. A guy who is obsessed with design, sleek surfaces and a dream  to have a room with just 'one amazing chair' in it, oh and who hates flowers!

So girls, you can see my dilemma. Our agreement was he got to decorate - pick all the furniture, for the lounge/sitting room, dinning room and kitchen. I got the bedroom, hallways and to choose what to do with the spare bedrooms. I think its safe to say i got the upper hand, we decided this before we looked at places to rent so we had no clue what each room was going to look like, the BEST part is that all his rooms are one - i mean it's all open plan.

We have been in our new home for a few months now and my faffing is in full swing. I love our bedroom, it's slightly toned down to what i would normally do but the bed does get referred to as the 'pixie bed'. I bet he secretly hates sleeping in this room. My inspiration is French boudoirs and the best place to get ideas and amazing imagery for this is Pinterest. (you can see my dream interiors board here) It's an ongoing project, i like to take my time when it comes to choosing things for my home and i'm forever changing things. You can see more pictures of my bedroom in an older post here.

Keeping the girly feel i am wearing this cute shift dress from misguided. I love the quirky mesh panel on the bottom and the sleeves. I've girlied it up with an oversized jacket; embellished with pearls and a delicate cream rose crown. The chihuahua socks were added in for fun.

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