Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Bold Blooms

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Jacket - ℅ Yumi / / Playsuit - ℅ Asos / / Boots - All Saints / / Hat - Depop / / Rings - Aliexpress 

Today i am rocking the most amazing tapestry biker jacket, it's one of those pieces that goes with everything. I was completely spoilt for choice on the Yumi website; lots of bold prints, girly shapes and vintage inspired items for the new Autumn/winter collection - with the lovely Lilah Parsons being the new face of. But being a huge floral fan, it would be a sin to choose anything else but the bold blooms biker to style.

Not wanting to let the summer go, I've styled the biker with a delicate lace playsuit and tassel ankle booties creating a gypsy feel. I love mixing textures in my outfit; especially with such a busy patterned statement piece, with a rainbow of muted colour. The jacket is a perfect piece for all seasons, i got mine oversized for the winter layering. I've pulled the green out in the jacket by styling it with a moss green fedora, the two just go hand in hand.


Monday, 18 August 2014

Farewell Summer

Jacket - ℅ Missguided / / Hat - River Island / / Maxi dress - ℅ Missguided / / Sunglasses - ℅ ZeroUV / /  Necklace - Primark / / Sandals - ℅ Plantas Shoes uk

Is it sad that i'm so excited to pack my suitcase? I mean we have nothing booked yet, just a rough idea when we would like to go away, we ain't that organised to know where. My boyfriend keeps saying somewhere hot, he means desert hot, HOT and for a girl who has very pale skin all year round, this is a huge problem. Honest to god, my favourite part of my holiday is planning my outfits, decided which 7(or 14) bikinis i want to take and most of all packing. I do like to take my very favourites of things but i'm so frantic when we land that my suitcase will definitely be there. It's like a horror story; for a fashion blogger or a fashion fanatic, to hear about peoples suitcases going missing or even stolen! I would cry. Yes i am very dramatic but i couldn't think of anything worse having to go out and replace holiday outfits. I seriously hope i haven't jinx it (touch wood, touch wood!) I will be taking this outfit for sure.

I felt like a Boho princess in this dress. I love how it cuts away at the sides and its a lovely flattering shape on. Its a long cut dress so you'll be able to wear heels and it will still keep they shape. I went for flats, i like the way it hits the ground and having to hold it as you walk. I've never had a pair of shoes so comfy as these! Don't be fooled by their sole being so thin, i walked around in these all day and my feet felt great.

Living in the north east of england, we don't get much of a summer. I'm pretty excited that i will be extending my summer by relaxing by the pool in september - ish. I've been pale for so long, so i can't wait to get a summer glow.


Saturday, 9 August 2014

Summer Sun

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Top - ℅ Oasap / / Fedora & Kimono - ℅ Missguided / / Shorts - Coal n Terry Vintage / / Sunglasses - ℅ ZeroUV

A little bit of accidental matching, With the quaint embroidery on the Kimono and floral pattern on the chiffon floaty vest. I liked the criss cross straps on this floaty number, i also like the layered effect; it gives a little vintage summer effect. I do think it would look a bit better if it was oversized, maybe i should have bough the size up?
As you all know i really struggle when it comes to buying tops! I just don't know what it is but whenever i go out with the mind set 'i must buy tops' i always find something more exciting to purchase. My t-shirt, vests & tops struggle, i can never find: A an exciting shape or cut, B a great pattern or print or C that top i'm just in love with. If anyone can advise me where i'm going wrong or know any store i might like then please direct me to them, Mucho appreciated!!

I've tried to keep the styling simple but just couldn't resist a red lip, it instantly jazzes up your look. I always feel too fussy in the sunshine and can never be bothered with jewellery, just a simple Bee pendant was enough. 

Monday, 4 August 2014



Sunglasses - ℅ ZeroUV // Sunflower hair clip - Roses & Clementines // Cropped shirt - Frolicking with Clementine // Shorts - ℅ Oasap // Belt - Vintage // Sandals - Ebay // Sunflower ankle bracelet - Roses &  Clementines

With the really hot weather we've been having, i get too flustered in the heat and never really fancy dressing up and feeling fashionable. This outfit is very casual for me. It's always fun matching the accessories with a sort of theme. The sunflower shorts are so funky and look cool pretty much styled with anything. I've gone for a crop gypsy style shirt, jesus sandals; matched with a brown belt and my trusty retro shades. Short and sweet from me today!

Frolicking with Clementine Vintage will be hosted on Rosesandclementines.com  - Coming soon 

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Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Floral Cross Back

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Playsuit - ℅ Warehouse / / Fedora - Oasap / / Sunglasses - Michael Kors / / Necklace - Swarovski / / Vintage Duster - Frolicking with Clementine / / Shoes -  (Old) River Island

Being a sucker for a playsuit, i couldn't say no to styling a Warehouse piece. It's a little bit special with the criss cross detail on the back and i absolutely love the print. I didn't want to over accessorise, taking the eye off the print and also not to make the look too fussy; a simple gold chain with tiny hanging Swarovski crystals, Black fedora and cat eye sunglasses, was enough. After looking at the images, i find of regret not styling it with a yellow lime blossom garland, it would have brought out the colours more in the playsuit. 

Adding a touch of fun to my photos in this vintage duster that's been customised with lemon and navy tassel trim. This is one piece from my new label Frolicking with Clementine. I'm lucky enough to be able to vintage shop daily; looking for bohemian items to customise. If you have followed my blog from the start you will know that i am so passionate about customising; i love beaded and embroidering! It's such a great step to take to go along side Roses & Clementines, full hippy attire; perfect for summer festivals. 

Frolicking with Clementine Vintage will be hosted on Rosesandclementines.com  - Coming soon 

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