Saturday, 20 September 2014

Autumn Florals

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Fedora - Missguided / / Floral Maxi Dress - ℅ Missguided / / Bag - All Saints / / Mirrored Lens Sunglasses - ℅ ZeroUV / / Ankle Boots - ℅ Misspap / / Opal & Wish Bone Ring - Vintage / / Red Plum Lipstick - Topshop / /

I feel like i'm in-between seasons with how to dress day to day. I always find myself just standing staring at my wardrobe with not a stitch to wear. I still want to wear little dresses, bright colours and sandals but because of it being September and with the leaves falling, i feel like i'm breaking some fashion rules. This floaty maxi dress fits my mood. It's black but with a soft flowery print in lovely autumn colours. It's a long sleeve but with a split up the front, which gives the illusion of a mini; i am completely obsessed with it.  This floaty fabric dress is  perfect for september. I really had fun photographing it. With that statement split up the front, i definitely had to wear some fab booties to show off. 
I was lucky enough to be sent these buckle boots (from the lovely Toni) in time to wear together. I have to say these Biker esq. boots go with everything i own; that makes me one happy bunny!

I'm off to London for a few days on the 29th and i'm so stuck on what to take, Is it summer? Is it Autumn? surely it's not time for coats and cardi's? I have no clue. I always make the mistake on taking layers every time i go to london, but i couldn't think of anything worse traipsing around on the tube, hot and sweaty with jackets to carry. Ha! As you can tell i need help. So if there is any Londoners who read my blog, I would love your input and any info on what your wearing at the moment. Also if anyone has any recommendations on where to eat, best places to see and shop, please let me on in the comment box below or if you rather email me here


Wednesday, 17 September 2014


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Tassel Jacket - ℅ Missguided / / Floral Headpiece - Roses & Clementines / / Lace Skirt - Ark / / Lace Crop Top - ℅ Missguided / / Sandals - ℅ Plantas Shoes uk 

I felt like a pixie in this outfit. I haven't dressed very girly in a while but when the lovely Rebecca from Ark sent me this maxi lace skirt, i knew i needed to pair it with flowers and capture it at the beach in all it's glory. I feel very lucky to live close to the seaside, we always mange to catch pretty pictures and it's such a nice feeling to wiggle your toes in the sand. I have to admit that i am a complete woose when it comes to the sea, i hate the thought of whats swimming around in there; it gives me the heebee jeebees. 

Incase you haven't noticed already, the fringe is back! I always have the itch to cut it back in after the summer, plus flower crowns always look better with one; not saying that could be the reason why you cut one in, but when floral headwear takes over 80% of your day, its a pretty good reason to do. I'm wearing a new garland i've been working on for Roses and Clementines. I'm a little obsessed with it, i absolutely love the vine that hangs down. I'd love to know what you guys think!


Monday, 15 September 2014

Orange Aztec


Dress - ℅ Oasap / / Gold Necklaces & Rings - Vintage / / Slave Bracelet - Indian / / Boots & Leather Jacket - All Saints / / Sunglasses - ℅ ZeroUV

I think i'm a little addicted to creating bohemian looks. This dress is so easy to wear especially for lounging days by the computer. The crazy print does all the talking, i've become a lazy blogger throwing a patterned dress on with a fedora and ankle booties. It's definitely my go to outfit when i have 'nothing to wear' days. I also think i have a little thing for orange lately. I'm normally not a fan but i've come to realise its a great colour to style, it goes with so much and it's a fab colour to go from summer to autumn. Keeping the bohemian look, i've accessorised with vintage gold rings and an indian slave bracelet; probably my favourite piece of jewellery ever!