Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Floral Cross Back

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Playsuit - ℅ Warehouse / / Fedora - Oasap / / Sunglasses - Michael Kors / / Necklace - Swarovski / / Vintage Duster - Frolicking with Clementine / / Shoes -  (Old) River Island

Being a sucker for a playsuit, i couldn't say no to styling a Warehouse piece. It's a little bit special with the criss cross detail on the back and i absolutely love the print. I didn't want to over accessorise, taking the eye off the print and also not to make the look too fussy; a simple gold chain with tiny hanging Swarovski crystals, Black fedora and cat eye sunglasses, was enough. After looking at the images, i find of regret not styling it with a yellow lime blossom garland, it would have brought out the colours more in the playsuit. 

Adding a touch of fun to my photos in this vintage duster that's been customised with lemon and navy tassel trim. This is one piece from my new label Frolicking with Clementine. I'm lucky enough to be able to vintage shop daily; looking for bohemian items to customise. If you have followed my blog from the start you will know that i am so passionate about customising; i love beaded and embroidering! It's such a great step to take to go along side Roses & Clementines, full hippy attire; perfect for summer festivals. 

Frolicking with Clementine Vintage will be hosted on  - Coming soon 

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Friday, 25 July 2014

Glamorous on the beach



Dress - ℅ Glamorous / / Fedora - Missguided / / Sunglasses - ℅ Zerouv / / Shoes - ℅ Glamorous

I've been looking for a white boho beach dress for some time. I wanted something plain, floaty, relaxed; something that would look amazing just throwing on. This is it! How perfect is this dress for the beach? For £33 it's an awesome piece to have for the summer, very light weight and perfect to go from day to night. I have styled it simple, with very little accessories; it didn't need much. The crochet looking lace on the side is my favourite part, it adds the beach boho vibe. Looking a little too glamorous for the beach with the chunky heel sandals, i'd like to think it was toned down with the oversized shades and fedora.

Saturday, 19 July 2014

☾Moon Child

1IMG_5208-Edit 1IMG_5209 1IMG_5211 1IMG_5223 1IMG_5205 1IMG_5203 1111IMG_5214

Fedora - Missguided / / Top - ℅ Hellaholics / / Sunglasses - ℅ ZeroUV / / Necklace - ℅ Hellaholics / / Palazzo Pants - ℅ Missguided / / Kimono - ℅ USC

In love with this Moon Child vest, it's such a cool item to have as part of your wardrobe. I struggle when it comes to tops and tees, I never find any i like and my collection lacks variety. I like the cut of the vest; loose, floaty soft fabric and obviously i love the boho vibe! I've kept the styling simple (for me); monochrome, with grunge brown red lips. The look is pulled together with the Hellaholic skull cross, worn as a choker, oversized retro sunglasses and a burgundy fedora.

☾    ☾    ☾    ☾     ☾

Misspap are having a sale, items start from a whopping 99p, it's worth a gander! Here are my sale picks with a few wish list items in there.


Saturday, 12 July 2014

Frolicking with Clementine


floral headband, headwear, rose crown, rose garland, lilac roses, floral garland, roses and clementines

Palma Violet Rose Crown - Roses and Clementines / / Dress - ℅ Chicwish / / Cowboy fringe jacket - Frolicking with Clementine Vintage / / Boots - Vintage / / Sunglasses - ℅ Zerouv / / Guitar bag - Mary Frances 

Channelling my inner Lana Del Rey in this 80's western tassel denim jacket. I feel as though i should have been swinging on a rope swing in the desert for the full effect (like in Ride). She's such a style icon; the queen of the flower crown, it's hard not to copy her a tad bit.

It's fair to say i nearly peed myself when i seen this hanging on the rack in my local vintage store. I was shocked that no one had it hanging off their arm; guarding it, ready to buy. I suppose it't not everyone's taste, i mean it is a total 80's through back! I'm not normally a one for 80's attire, if i do buy something from that era, the first thing i do is cut out the shoulder pads. Shoulder pads that try to recreate armour or resemble american football upper body padding should be illegal. Why did women want to create a 'broad shoulder look', it just baffles me but the extra padding on this jacket doesn't make me want to hurl. Keeping that American western style, i paired it with a boho looking lace dress from Chicwish, My trusty cowboy boots, the cutest guitar bag and yes of course, a rose crown. Very Lana!

Thursday, 10 July 2014

All That Jazz


Fedora - Oasap / / Sunglasses - ℅ ZeroUV / / Sequin print dress - ℅ Great Plains / / Belt - Vintage / / Kimono - ℅ USC / / Necklace - New look (old) / / Shoes - All Saints

Trying something a little different today: a beautiful ultra chic and feminine dress from Great plains. I felt very womanly and grown up in this sequin print. When styling this i wanted to keep the elegant vibe but give it a fresh, younger feel. Adding a long oversized beaded necklace helps to keep the look i wanted to active, specially shortening the dress length by pulling it in at the waist with a thin belt. A bit of texture clashing always adds interest plus this delicate lace kimono adds a fun element (i'm sorry i really did try to leave the kimono out of it but i'm like a moth to a flame!) Although there is a lot going on in this outfit, keeping the accessories one colour pulls the look together. To me, i stepped out of my comfort zone styling something i'm not used to, i am really fond of this outfit and I'd like to think i still kept my retro edge.

P.S 'All that jazz sequin print dress' is now £25.50 from £85 

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